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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Award Winning Ads

Monday, October 25, 2010

Geof Kern's Cool Photography

stands among the most awarded American photographers. With an unfettered imagination he worked for the most creative magazines and ad agencies.His very distinctive work is a combination of rationalism and conceptualism, inspired by “post-modernist” painters. Geof Kern works on a storyboard before shooting, creating images with a particular cinematographic mood and capturing a very original world. His photographs are exhibited all around the world.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing Ilussinon Pictures Very Cutesteing

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The Sand Cats at Parken Zoo in Sweden

The Parken Zoo in Sweden recently welcomed a new litter of Sand Cat kittens, and boy are they cute!The Sand Cat is a relatively small, stocky cat with short legs, a long tail, and large pointed ears. They range from 15 to 22 inches in length, not including a foot-long tail. Among the smallest of the wild cats, the Sand Cat adult weighs between 3 and 7-1/2 lbs.In the wild, Sand Cats live in dry, sandy desert areas. They prefer flat or undulating terrain with sparse vegetation, but avoid bare sand dunes where there is relatively little food. They can survive in temperatures ranging from 23 °F to 126 °F, surviving the brutal heat by retreating into burrows. They are able to survive for months on the water in their food.

Car Is the Best Target when Animals Gone Wild

Saturday, October 23, 2010

World's Highest Climbing Wall

The world's highest climbing wall is situated in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands. It is 37 metres (121 ft) high and is known as the Excalibur.

30 Dazzling Wild Animals Photography

Showing one’s teeth doesn’t always mean they’re smiling for the camera. Animals tend to expose their teeth especially when it comes to territory and lack of food sources. The fight may end up harmless, but sometimes also very brutal. The opponent may bleed to death and this may seem merciless to us, but that’s how nature occasionally works. As a matter of fact, we tend to describe a merciless fight between humans as animal-like.Taking close-up pictures like these can be highly risky, as animals don’t like any hindrance during their combats. For whatever reasons they may be fighting, this can injure the person or animal coming between them. Today we have come up with some dazzling shutterbug shots to inspire you and take you on a walk with us through the wild side. Enjoy with us some spectacular animal fighting moments!Wild Animals Photography

Vividly Realistic 3d Murals

These realistic 3D murals are the creation of artist
who is from the United States. Some are lifelike enough that you will have to look very close to determine if they are real or not.The following is an amazing series of murals by artist Eric Grohe. He takes a blank, sometimes derelict wall and brings it to life.Eric researches, paints and designs each project from scratch while his wife Kathy, also an artist, serves as project manager.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dogs Dressed Up

Tokyo's Cat Cafes

In Japan, cat cafes have become very popular since 2004 when the first cat café was opened in Osaka. There you can sit with friends, drink coffee or tea and at the same time you will be surrounded by 20-30 cats.For a modest fee of between $5 and $8 Japanese animal lovers can enjoy their usual coffee surrounded by dozens of playful cats. Spending an hour in the company of cats can work wonders on the human mind, and when you’re as stressed as Japanese business-men, even more so. Many of them can’t fit a household pet into their busy schedules, so they opt for a relaxing one-hour break in the company of purring felines.There are rules to follow in such cafes: first, you need to remove your shoes and put on slippers. Then, when you enter the cafe, one of the employee will sprays your hands with disinfectant. It is forbidden to take photos with flash, to grab tails and to wake sleeping kittens.It helps a lot to bring some treats with you to lure cats come around you, but when the treat is gone, they will be too.

Home Zoo

To say that this girl loves animals is to say nothing at all. There is a real zoo in her apartment with more than 100 dangerous and not very dangerous animals!

Selling Your Old Car Using Your Girlfriend

As seen on Ebay.

Another Victim of Plastic Surgeons

Svetlana Davydova, a participant of one Russian reality show , decided to enlarge her lips. The results after the first plastic surgery you can see on the first photograph are ok compared to what happened after the next doses of silicone injections.

International Tattoo Festival in Beijing 2010

Strange and Funny Warning Signs

Sometimes warning signs can be very confusing and really funny.

Facts About Cancer

Click to Enlarge.

Girl With Amazingly Consistent Smile

Actress Summer Glau spends sometime at Dragoncon giving fans of all ages a chance to smooze with the her. She also has the same facial expression in all photos.

Animals Attacking Cars

Great Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

How to make a good Halloween pumpkin? Well, it's easy. Take a look.

A Spooky Abandoned Restaurant

This is a very spooky restaurant in Belgium. It is called T’Spookhuys Restaurant/Bar is known as an occult bar and the house of 1,000 Ghosts. The restaurant was abandoned in 2008. After looking at these photos, you’ll believe in haunted houses.

Beautiful Lifelike Murals

These realistic 3D murals are the creation of artist Eric Grohe who is from the United States. Some are lifelike enough that you will have to look very close to determine if they are real or not.

People Who Aren’t Afraid of Anything

People who aren’t afraid of anything. Brave people with no fear to die.

10 Countries You Probably Never Heard About

You really have to be a geography freak to know about these countries from the list. It’s irrelevant to us how recognized they are as countries but they surely look at themselves like that. Of course a special thanks to Wikipedia for the article’s research.

10. Vanuatu, 90% of Vanuatu people household and consume fish, and 80% are living in rural, isolated villages with their own gardens and food supplies. Scuba diving is a very popular tourist attraction here. Tsunamis are not a rare thing in Vanuatu, and earthquakes have a negative affect on the country’s economy.

9. Nauru, a former German Empire colony is also known as Pleasant Island of the South Pacific. The people of Nauru are collecting rain water during monsoon rains between November and February because they are very limited on natural fresh water. The most popular sport in this country is Australian rules football, and they have football league with seven teams.

8. Tuvalu, is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. They don’t have regular military forces, and spend no money on defense. Tuvalu is the 4th smallest country in the world. The first inhabitants of the country were Polynesian people.

7. Comoros is African island nation in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. The island is an old French colony, and today there is about 300 000 Comorians living in France. 98% of the population is Islamic.

6. Guernsey is under the responsibility of the United Kingdom but they don’t count as a part of the U.K, as well as the European Union. Guernsey is located in the English Channel on the coast of Normandy. They have complete autonomy over internal affairs, and they are discussing total independence from the British Crown.

5. Isle of Man, also known as Mann, is self-governing British Crown Dependency, with a location in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. They are not a part of the European Union. Isle of Man economy is based on offshore banking and tourism. The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC.

4. Tokelau, is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand that consists of three islands. The name Tokelau is a Polynesian word that means “north wind”. The island has the smallest economy of any country in the world that makes them almost completely dependent on subsidies from New Zealand. 96% of the population is Christians and 57% of these are women.

3. Cook Islands, are a self-governing parliamentary democracy. With over 90 000 tourists per year, tourism is their far best industry and their leading element of the island economy, far ahead of offshore banking, marine, pearls and fruit exports. Cook Islands got named by the British navigator Captain James Cook when he arrived the islands in 1773.

2. Pitcairn Islands, officially named the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, are a group of four volcanic islands that are formerly a British colony, the last remaining in the Pacific. The population’s language is a mix of English and Tahitian. In recent years the church has been closed because only 8 islanders have been visiting it regularly. There is only one Café and Bar on the island, and the Government Store is selling alcohol and cigarettes. They used to have moral strict laws which prohibited dancing, smoking and consummation of alcohol.

1. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the independent republic located between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Nagorno Karabakh is one of the most heavily mined regions of the former Soviet Union because of the 1991-1994 Nagorno-Karabakh War. They are still not recognized by any state, including Armenia. 95% of the population is Armenian, and the rest are Greeks and Kurds. Their tourism are basically directed to Armenians that live in Western countries.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Paitings on the Floor and Other Funny Amzing Stuffff

Quick A Brown Jumps fox over Right Lazy the Dong.super and amazing pictures

Wave-gotik-treffen Festival 2010

Today we have photos from Wave-Gotik-Treffen which is an annual world festival for "dark" music and arts in Leipzig, Germany. The festival also features several fairs with medieval, gothic and cultural merchandise.