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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reporter Toya Chiba Survived the Japanese Tsunami

Japanese reporter Toya Chiba was almost killed by tsunami. Fortunately, he survived.

World Currency Notes Photo Collection

     World Currency Notes Photo Collection

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Current Longest Serving World Leaders then and Now

These are some photos of the longest serving world leaders as they were when they first took office and as they appear now. Although they have aged it wasn’t their looks that kept them in office for decades.King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand: 64 years

Funniest Lost and Found Pet Signs

It's always sad when your pet runs off, especially if he has giant balls or is a rodent masquerading as a cat. While we hope all the pets found their ways to safe homes, we're pretty sure these people shouldn't be in charge of anything that is alive and completely understand why they ran away.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lucy Pinder Wallpapers Hot Girl Desktop High Quality Wallpapers

Hot Girls Inn Wallpapers Gallery: Lucy Pinder Wallpapers Hot Girl Desktop High Quality Wallpapers

Don't get drunk

How to Make Bacon Roses

user kaptaink_cg explains how to make bacon roses. You’ll need a broiling pan, a mini muffin pan, marbles, and a drill. It’ll be necessary to actually destroy the muffin pan, but it’ll be worth it.Flowers make a nice gift to the friend that needs a smile or for that special someone in your life. Roses are even better. But sometimes even roses don't cut it. Sometimes you need something a little more non-cliché, something...extraordinary... Sometimes, you need Bacon.So, here are step-by-step instructions for preparing a fragrant bouquet of bacon roses. Just thought you might be interested.

Awesome Animated Gif Photography by Jamie Beck

Animated Gif Photography is a source of adding life to photography. Kevin Burg, a master in animations helped , a New York city bases fashion photographer, to express her photography in aminations. This issue is called “Cinemagraphs”. Their work has been very famous in recent days and still getting attention. Few Gifs are featuring Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha. Rocha says Jamie Beck Cinemagraphs are “more than a photo, but not quite a video.”

Best of Cats Chillin

There is a universal truth about cats: they can comfortably chill out and look like a boss pretty much anywhere. These are some very funny poses of some cats that were caught napping. Some of them find the darndest places to fall asleep.

Awesome Costumes Pics

Abandoned Ww Bunkers

Monday, April 11, 2011

Custom Cubicles Pics

Crazy Heels Pics

Extreme Scaffolding

From a distance, scaffolding looks like a maze of criss-crossing steel pipes that encircles a building. But peer closely and you will realize that complex and precision engineering is at work behind the lattice.It is believed that scaffolding originated in ancient North Africa and China. A Greek wine cup, also known as a kylix and dating back to the fifth century, contains an image of a statue of a warrior within a scaffolding.Scaffolding today is mainly made of metal pipes. But in some parts of Asia, scaffolding is made of bamboo and is even used when building very tall skyscrapers.This is extreme scaffolding, but to most scaffolders it is just another day at the office.

Yearold British Sailor Crosses Atlantic on a Homemade Raft

How to Open a Bottle With a Helicopter

If you like extraordinary tricks, this one will surely glue your attention. These people used a huge helicopter to open a bottle!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soldiers Fainting During Official Ceremonies

Military people, too. And the soldiers of honor and elite troops are especially vulnerable to stress and excitement. Add to this the need to stand for several hours in the heat, without moving, holding the hot metal weapons. Stand it can not everyone.

Check out These Cool Bathtubs

Friday, April 1, 2011

Amazing D Wall Murals from Around the World

Murals are important in that they bring art into the public sphere. Due to the size, cost, and work involved in creating a mural, muralists must often be commissioned by a sponsor. Often it is the local government or a business, but many murals have been paid for with grants of patronage. For artists, their work gets a wide audience who otherwise might not set foot in an art gallery. A city benefits by the beauty of a work of art.Murals can be a relatively effective tool of social emancipation or achieving a political goal. Murals have sometimes been created against the law, or have been commissioned by local bars and coffee shops. Often, the visual effects are an enticement to attract public attention to social issues. State-sponsored public art expressions, particularly murals, are often used by totalitarian regimes as a tool of mass-control and propaganda. However, despite the propagandist character of that works, some of them still have an artistic value.Here I gathered some spectacular 3D murals from professional artists around the world. Enjoy!

Toilet Paper Roll Prank for April Fools Day

The worst thing can happen in a bathroom is to find the toilet paper roll like this when you need it the most. Nice Fools Day prank.

Lady Gaga Cakes

Want a piece of Lady Gaga? Well you can have one by creating a Lady Gaga Cake or Cupcakes. If you are planning a Lady Gaga Birthday Party you will like some of these Lady Gaga Cakes and Cupcake Ideas others have created to inspire you to create your own for your Lady Gaga Party.Here are Lady Gaga Cakes in honor of the 25th Lady Gaga’s Birthday.

Amazing Paper Sculptures