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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Egypt Some Rare Photos Part Ii

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Mario Bros Themed Wedding Invitations

Artist put together a Mario-themed Super Wedding Invitations for his friends Esther and Ryan, with cartridge-shaped invitations and a question block box full of wedding favors.The invites feature an adorable Mario in a tux, standing with his princess outside the correct castle. Even the cards to indicate whether guests want beef or veggies are 8-bit (although there’s no option to add mushrooms).Check out more pics of these thoroughly awesome wedding invitations after the jump.

Giant Spider Is Worlds Largest Balloon Sculpture

just broke the Guinness World Record for “Largest Balloon Sculpture” with this giant, Halloween-themed spider! Using almost 3,000 balloons, Lee created this 45 feet 2 inches wide by 22 feet 2 inches long sculpture all by himself! The spider is made entirely out of balloons and has no support or glue. It's currently on display at Great Wolf Lodge Lobby in Grand Mound, Washington and will be there until the end of the month.

Mahindra Xuv Latest Pics

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flight Attendants All over the World

What’s not to love about stewardesses? They’re usually hot, they wear tight skirts and they bring drinks right to your seat. They will make your flight as comfortable as possible. These girls are gorgeous! I’d like to fly in their company. United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines

Pencil Carvings

French Street Artist Ludo Paintings Part Ii

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greg Du Toit Nice Photographs Part Ii

Strange Currencies Around the World

Funny Lol Cats Pictures Very Funny

Embroidered Xrays by Matthew Cox

swirls together contradictions in his latest series, Embroidered X-Rays. Weaving embroidery thread into plastic, skeletal slides, Cox’s collection provides an odd juxtaposition, both visually and conceptually, the vibrant colors and familiar characters setting a playful mood while the X-rays remain cold and clinical. ”Stitching has a nurturing aspect,” Cox has said of his work, “and acts as care giving or healing to the injured, a socially feminine sort of action, while the X-ray itself can be considered masculine and unemotional.” The intricately made collection not only includes original embroidered portraits, but pop-culture ones as well, with David Bowie, Snow White, and Miss Piggy grafted onto chest X-rays. Examine some of Cox’s most fascinating pieces after the jump.

Funny Sandals