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Monday, November 22, 2010

Extreme Dog House Pics

Arnold Schwarzenegger Baby Teen Adult Governor

Masks Wallpapers Amazing Scary in High Resolution

Click on any image to view in full size.  

The Best World News Pics by Reuters

Striking images from around the world. They show everything: humor, natural disasters, violence and other.We can call it – the most interesting news from around the world in pictures, so as the picture is worth a 1000 words let the pictures speak for themselves, look and you’ll experience the amazing story they tell to you.Enjoy!!!Click on any image to view in full size. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Watermelon Carving Art

Watermelon carved in shapes of Eiffel Tower, Sports, Flowers, marilyn monroe, swan, dragon and others. Just take a look and enjoy these Wonderful watermelons.A collection of amazing and cool watermelon carvings that will blow your mind.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Funny Posters and Stickers on Poles Pics

Conceptual Bus Credo Ebone

Credo E-Bone concept bus utilizes fuel cell technology, li-ion batteries and lightweight composites.Hungarian designer Peter Simon dreamed up the Credo E-Bone concept bus as public transportation at its greenest. The zero-emissions E-Bone generates power from hydrogen fuel cells and stores juice in lithium-ion batteries mounted on the bus' enormous roof. Motivation is provided by four wheel-mounted electric motors and the concept features lightweight composite plastics throughout. The E-Bone name, though unusual, actually refers to the bus' skeleton-like structure and electric-drive capabilities.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buddhist Holy Places Relief in Pattaya Thailand

Sanctuary of Truth is an all wood construction building, resembling a temple , and filled inside and out with wood sculpture based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. Sanctuary in PattayaThe building, which resembles a temple, is close to 105 meters (345 feet) high and covers and covers an area of more than two rais. It features contemporary Visionary art based on traditional religious themes. The project was initiated as an idea of Thai businessman Lek Viriyaphant, and the sanctuary is still under construction at its location in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Worlds Oldest Mom

You may think they are a grandmother and a granddaughter but they are not. Romanian woman Adriana gave birth to her daughter Eliza at the age of 66. Now the mother is 72 years old and Eliza is only six.

Sculpture of Toothpicks Pics

Creative Ipad Stickers Pics

12 of the Worlds Ugliest Statues

Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Examples of Love N Emotions

Hi today i have uploaded here some pictures of love examples you will really enjoy with these pictures if you like these then please give your comments

Funny Shop Signs

These are very humorous signs that were apparently found around various towns. Some are advertisements by some rather well known companies and others were created by proprietors of a local business. In either case the author of these signs should have known better. .

Clever Ads on Buildings

We have carefully selected the best of ads on buildings, they are really creative and impressive. Enjoy!1. Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad)

Pencil Versus Camera by Ben Heine Part

Mice Inside Motorcycle

A Motorbike's owner didn't ride it for two months. Imagine his surprise, when he found something strange inside his bike.

Funny Ads in Buildings Pics

Friday, November 12, 2010

Smokestack Demolition Goes Wrong

The demolition of the former Ohio Edison Mad River Power Plant’s 275-foot smoke stack in Springfield, Ohio, went awry because the demolition crew failed to notice a crack in the structure. The collapsing tower knocked down a pair of high-voltage electrical power lines and smashed into a building housing generators. Luckily no one was injured.

Sniffer Rats Detect Land Mines in Tanzania and Mozambique

These rats sniff out landmines that are filled with TNT. They are trained by a Dutch nongovernmental organization in Tanzania. Whenever they make positive detection they are rewarded with some food.

Horse Stunts Between Girls and Boys Very Interesting

Very Different Animals Pictures

Different animals pictures forex trading online software online images online trading online forex animals picutres

Bossy Duck Gives Duckling a Dunk

The little duckling wanted to explore the world. Straying too far from his family, another mother duck swam into action, and to teach him a safety lesson. Read more:A bossy duck grabs a naughty duckling by the leg at a wetlands park in Oregon.

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves in India is an archeological site near the ancient Indian village of Ellora. It is most well known for its magnificent caves. Ellora is a World Heritage Site and the “epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture.” There are 34 caves which were excavated and hand-carved out of high basalt cliffs between the 5th century and 10th century. Caves 1-12 are the Buddhist Caves. Caves 13-39 are the Hindu Caves. Caves 30-34 are Jain Caves. The mixture of religious cultures dug out side by side shows that ancient India had a terrific spirit of tolerance. The intricate and exquisite temples, shrines and caves are some of the oldest rock-cut architecture in the world.

Evolution of Cocacola Packaging Design

Everyone can recognize a coke can at fifty feet. It is an American icon. Coke has roots that dig deep. They first began bottling this giant of colas in 1886 in the backyard of a pharmacist in Atlanta Ga. John Pemberton is the man that brewed this concoction for the first time.Coke was sold like beer out of a tap until 1894 when the owner began first putting the concoction into bottles. With the creation of the glass bottle the creation of packaging for Coke –Cola first began.

Funny Beer Commercials Pics

Awesome D Drawings by Chilean Artist Fredo Pics

These three-dimensional pencil drawings by Chilean artist Fredo are absolutely mind-blowing! The 17-year-old prodigy draws object height='360' width='490'>

Daad Murad Abdul Rahman Father With Children

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures of Cats and Dogs Photobombing Each Other

Photobombs with animals are even funnier than those with people.

Distorted Railway Line

Back in September there was a powerful earthquake in New Zealand and here are the most unbelievable images of the earthquake aftermath. Let's see what happened to a railway line during the earthquake and landslide.

Dangerous Haircut

They use a sickle to give haircuts in this Chinese village. It looks very scary and very dangerous. Undoubtedly, the person getting the haircut must have a tremendous amount of faith in his barber.

The Art of Makeup

Young Chinese girls illustrating a well-known fact that a girl with makeup usually looks better than without it. .

Perfectly Timed Photos

Here are 50 examples of photos snapped just at the right millisecond.

Heart Stopping Sandwiches

These have to be some of the biggest sandwiches ever made. In addition, they are heart attack material. Although they look very unhealthy, they also look rather tasty. However, it would take all day to eat one.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sample Results of Unsuccessful Human Cloning

Creative Dining Tables

The Cube 6, from Japanese designer Naho Matsuno, lets you seat a ton of people without taking up your entire dining room. The sides of the cube all pull out to become six individual stools. When assembled, the cube is only a shade under 14 square inches on each side. It’s a simple design that works way better than having six folding chairs stashed in your closet.

Giant Sculptures from Around the World

Collection of twelve unusual and creative giant sculptures from all over the world.Gundam Robot Sculpture

Playing With Moon Photography

Day Old Baby Dolphin Rescued in Uruguay

Ten-day-old dolphin was discovered by walkers on a beach near Montevideo, Uruguay. The baby Dolphin was nursed back to health.