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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mid Winter Movie Nightan Awesome Time

the setting...
My beautiful wife & I!  That's George's handplane collection behind us.
Deano...winning the shortyWe went old school on this one... Movie Night was held at the Bay Head Fire House and there was a bit of an art/photography show.  We played the Malloy Brother's new movie Come Hell or High Water, followed by Thomas Campbell's Sprout.  One of our surfing buddies,  Jimmy,  is an owner of Harpoon Willys... he brought an awesome spread of eats...some really great burger and pulled pork sliders and a bunch of other appetizers!  Patagonia raffled off a couple of their unbelievable wetsuits, D. Mckenna and Brian Norling Photography raffled off some awesome local surf shots, Randy donated a real nice wooden handboard and Nate a cool bodysurfing drawing...sorry if I missed anyone.
D Macks photos...
Jimmy...explaining Patagonia's wetsuit technology.
Nice handplane!
Big Steve...winning some D. Mack photography.
Trish...spinnin some tunes.
The girls
A few of the boys...
Some winners of Skeeter's photos.
Otter, winning some surf art...
Jimmy...winning a Skeeter photo.
Skeeter, winning a killer Patagonia R2 fullsuit!
Jamie with his winnings!
Phil...looking happy with his winnings...welcome.

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